An IDEAL partner

Octika upholds its position! GLASSES for ALL.
IK: The first pair at a cut price and a 2nd high-quality pair.
OSMOSE and SHILTON, two additional high-end collections of glasses and polarized sunglasses combining design, quality and price.

Octika, the art of an effective commercial STRATEGY !
Octika has developed an aggressive commercial strategy, over the last seventeen years that is realistic and functional. It is carefully managed to provide collections of frames that are targeted and tailored to the market !

Octika, the right. ECONOMIC model.
A speedy, simple and instantaneous online ordering platform for optimal stock supply and management.

A well-honed and renowned logistics systems, 48-hour shipments, guaranteed return deliveries, responsive after-sales-service for 2 years and attentive arrangements for full customer satisfaction. .


In 2001

Octika sets up to position itself on the “2nd pair market”, with stylish frames in stark contrast to the existing all-too-basic and unappealing frame offer.
Company boss, Stefano CINQUEGRANA and Commercial Director, Marc SEDANO seek out the possible personalised options, ranges of materials, colours, shapes and comfort, to appeal to as many people as possible. They organise themselves and broaden their research to work with new manufacturers worldwide, the best firms in the sector. They set out their requirements and create the IK OCCHIALI collection which is an instant hit, combining originality and quality at affordable prices. Spurred on by growing success, Octika supplements its collections with the IK ACETATE and IKIDS brands, boasting styles based on current fashions and trends.

In 2008

Octika produces its first catalogue and sends it out to 10,000 recipients nationwide, with results that match expectations.

In 2009

The OSMOSE optique brand adds to the collections, offering great value high-end eyewear. Octika now has crystal clear view of its positioning.

In 2012

The company moves to a new 1,500 m² facility to keep pace with its growth. It also launches the OSMOSE Polarized collection (with 100 % polarized lenses).

In 2013

Distribution outlets open in Morocco and Spain.

In 2014

octika.com , the company’s online ordering platform opens, with real time stock management. The EDI catalogue complying with the OPTOV11 standard is published to meet optician needs.

In 2017

The OSMOSE Polar Clip » range is launched as well as a new collection of reading glasses “OSMOSE Reading”, to complete its range.

The Octika team continues to grow with a bright and positive outlook. The company employs some 20 staff geared to delivering to its strengths: responsiveness, efficiency and professional standards to serve its customers.