An IDEAL partner

Octika confirms its position! GLASSES for ALL.
IK Occhiali: a Basic Line with very good value for money!  
OSMOSE: a Premium Line of glasses and polarized sunglasses combining design, quality and price.

Octika, the art of an efficient commercial STRATEGY !
Octika has developed an aggressive commercial strategy, over the last seventeen years that is realistic and functional. It is carefully managed to provide collections of frames that are targeted and tailored to the market !

Octika, the right ECONOMIC model for your business.
speedysimple and famous online ordering platform for optimal stock supply and management.

well-honed and renowned logistics systems, 3-4 days delivery, guaranteed return deliveries, responsive after-sales-service for 2 years and attentive arrangements for full customer satisfaction


In 2001

Octika was created to position itself in the «Basic Line» market with creative frames compared to the offer of frames in the optical market too simple and unattractive.
Stefano CINQUEGRANA (CEO), and Marc SEDANO (Commercial Director), study all possible customizations with the diversity of materials, colors, models and comfort, in order to attract the largest number of customers.
They organize and multiply research to collaborate with new suppliers all over the world, focusing on the most competent in the sector.
They impose their demands and create the IK OCCHIALI collection with immediate success: a mixture of originality and quality at affordable prices.

In 2008

Octika creates its first catalogue , sending it to 10,000 optical shops in France;
the results are up to expectations, success is confirmed !!!

In 2009

Launch of new brand OSMOSE, a «Premium Line» that joins the existing collections with high-end products and an excellent value for money.
Octika is now perfectly aware of its positioning in the optical market, presenting itself with two distinct Frames and Sunglasses collections that meet perfectly with the market demands
The Basic Line with IK Occhiali and the Premium Line with Osmose

In 2012

The company moves to a new building with over 1,500 m² to develop and improve the quality of its services.
At the same time, it is launching the OSMOSE Polarized , a Premium Line sunglasses with high quality polarized lenses.

In 2013

Octika begins to expand internationally with the launch of a distribution network in Morocco and Spain.

In 2014

Opens the online ordering platform, www.octika.com with real-time stock management to facilitate the selection and assortment of products to its customers.

In 2017

Launch of the "OSMOSE Polar Clip", a Ultem collection frames that include a magnetic clip with polarized sun lenses or blue block lenses. At same time, launch of "OSMOSE Reading" collection of reading glasses to complete the offer.

In 2019

New version of the website, more ergonomic and intuitive, available in different languages ​​for expansion on the European market.
A new adventure begins!

The Octika team continues to grow with a bright and positive outlook. The company employs some 20 staff geared to delivering to its strengths: responsiveness, efficiency and professional standards to serve its customers.

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Tous les articles ont bien été ajoutés à votre panier

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